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Exploring Agriculture: The Magic of NFT Hydroponic Systems

What do you think of when talking about NFT? You may immediately think of some keywords: metaverse, virtual world, non-fungible currency (Non-Fungible Token)... But in fact, in the agricultural world, NFT means: "Nutrient Film Technique"! At this moment, you may be filled with questions: "What exactly is Nutrient Film Technique (NFT)?" Today, let's explore this revolutionary technology that makes plants thrive!

Starting from the Roots: What is an NFT system?

The NFT hydroponic system is an advanced plant cultivation method that allows plants to grow in an environment with almost no soil. This sounds like science fiction, right? But it's real, and the effects are amazing. In an NFT system, nutrient solution is pumped from a storage tank into channels where plants are grown. These channels are slightly sloping, allowing nutrient solution to flow along the channels and form a thin film around the roots. This liquid film provides all the nutrients needed for plant growth.

One of the advantages of NFT is continuously supplying nutrients while also providing sufficient oxygen to plant roots. Since the nutrient solution forms a thin film, most of the root area is still exposed to the air, thus ensuring a good oxygen supply.

Advantages of NFT systems: Efficient and environmentally friendly

You may ask: Among the many hydroponic systems, why did Aqua Green choose the NFT hydroponic system? First, it greatly saves water resources. Compared with traditional agriculture, the NFT system recycles water and nutrient solutions, greatly reducing water consumption; compared with the deep liquid flow (DWC) technology used in traditional hydroponics, the NFT system shows higher energy utilization efficiency. Secondly it reduces reliance on pesticides because in this closed system the plants are less susceptible to pests and diseases.

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