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About Us

‘Driven by true green innovation, sowing the seeds to feed the world’

Our Story

Back in 2012, our founder Ms Tracey Lam realised an untapped agricultural potential: hydroponics, a truly green and sustainable version of hydroponics that harnesses the power of the sun and natural climate. We do not want a plant factory where vast fossil fuels and costs are needed to run air conditioners and LED lighting, which is still prevalent in the industry. And she was right, in a short decade AquaGreen has grown from a seedling to now the dominant and by far the largest player in the sector.

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We now hold an important & strong position in vegetable production in the local society and we can innovate with the introduction of new vegetable species to market, high-tech and high-yield germination, a net zero carbon footprint and the highest quality controls in the industry, providing the best there is to offer, innovating agriculture and feeding the next generation.


Our Vision

Plant the Seed for Better Future.

"From recycling and waste management to the founding of a green empire"
Our founder Tracey Lam began her career as an accountant, graduating from RMIT in Melbourne, Australia. A fairy-tale career through hard work and willpower culminated in becoming the CFO of Veolia, a Fortune 500 company specialising in environmental services such as recycling and waste management of whole cities. For most, this would have been a happily-ever-after ending story but for Tracey, this was just the beginning. 
Tracey Lam, Founder of Aqua Green Limited

Our Founder

Our founder Ricky Lau has worked in the administration of listed companies for more than 20 years. From 1992 to 1998, he served as a director of Hong Kong-listed companies Zhongtai Group and Zhongshun Aquatic Products Group. In 1997 & In 2004, he was appointed as a policy and sales advisory member of the Agriculture and Fisheries Department of the Hong Kong Government.
Ricky Lau, Founder of Aqua Green Limited

Our Partners

With strict quality control, yield reliability, technological innovation and ultra-efficient management, AquaGreen have been able to provide the finest, freshest and most affordable vegetable products to the market leading to nothing less than a remarkable 90% market dominance in Hong Kong. Leading to long and fruitful partnerships with most of the supermarkets and F&B outlets in Hong Kong. With many of these partners having footprints in other Asian countries like Singapore & Thailand, we look forward to going global in the near future.
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