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Plant the Seed for Better Future

Hydroponics Lettuce In Greenhouse

We are in control of the complete cold transport and storage chain, and we package our vegetables ourselves to ensure we have the industry's highest quality controls. We aim to be plastic-free with our current move to compostable plastics and paper, rather than PET plastics, with 90% ending up in landfills and our oceans.

Sweet Pepper 甜椒 AquaGreen Hydroponics


From Seed to Table

We choose the world's best vegetable non-GMO seeds, and plant them in the most suitable place on the planet to naturally grow plants hydroponically resulting in the most reliable yields and highest quality of hydroponic vegetables of any farm in the world.  Completely sustainable and with net-neutral carbon emission.

Avocado Cucumber Tomato Lettuce 菜芯 onion sweet pepper 番茄 cherry tomato
Salad Microgreens Cherry tomato Smoked Salmon dressing lettuce cheese salami

What Makes Us Different

Together we make the world a better place by feeding people the right kind of greens.

hydroponic butter lettuce in greenhouse vegetables salad
baby lettuce romaine hydroponics aquagreen

Freshness you can see and taste. Versatile and delightful ingredients for international cuisines.

Minimise the carbon footprint and create a sustainable future through green farming. 

Traceable source, stable supply and the best quality at all times. 

Smoked Salmon Salad on Wooden Board with Cherry Tomato

Eat Green
                  Live Green

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