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AquaGreen Insider – From Seed to Table

Aqua Green's motto, "From Seed to Table," encapsulates our comprehensive approach to growing and delivering agricultural products directly to customers. Our process begins with planting, where we employ various technologies to create optimized growth solutions for plant development and nutrition. This allows for accelerated growth rates compared to traditional cultivation methods. For instance, spinach can go from planting to harvesting in just 18 to 20 days, enabling multiple crop cycles within a year.

A key advantage of our approach is our exclusive source tracking system, which assigns each crop an "identity card," enabling us to trace every vegetable on the shelves back to its source. Moreover, our modern farmers utilize artificial intelligence to identify potential diseases in each crop before they occur, allowing for proactive solutions.

Quality control is a top priority, and we implement Critical Control Points (CCPs) throughout the process. Each batch of produce undergoes metal detection and pesticide residue testing at our certified factory to ensure it meets stringent shipping standards. If any food safety issues arise, our dedicated teams promptly investigate and review the incidents to prevent similar occurrences.

We believe that by meticulously monitoring every stage, from planting to cold chain transportation and final delivery to our customers, we can minimize food risks and ensure the highest levels of safety. This comprehensive and meticulous approach reflects Aqua Green's outstanding commitment to food safety, as we want our customers to enjoy their meals with confidence and satisfaction.


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