A Message
From Our Co-Founder

Aqua Green is a real "from seed to table" hydroponic grower, was founded by 2 professionals in 2012, belief to make the world a better place through hydroponic farming, provide a low carbon, eco friendly and sustainable supply of the highest food safety quality greens and produce

Our Business and Brand

Our Motivation

Based on our values, we believe it is essential that we operate in a sustainable way – for today, tomorrow and for generations to come.

Direct From Farm

Ensure freshness and reduce waste

Our Commitment

To always do what is best for the environment

Strive to increase our knowledge to farm more sustainable and environmentally friendly

Our Passion for food

We have helped create enjoyable mealtimes around the world



Core value

To provide local communities a sustainable and eco friendly supply of the highest quality and freshest salad greens with reasonable price, bring enjoyable and healthy mealtimes

To promote eco friendly concept of plastic free reduce carbon footprint and sustainable development

– Food Safety
– Sustainable and Eco-Friendly
– Ethical
– Social responsibility
– Committed
– Build trusted relationship with customers, consumers, suppliers

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